100% Brazilian and made in Brazil, the beachwear brand ÁGUA DE SAL was founded in 2015 by the partnership of the caiçara* sisters Fabiola and Fernanda Machado. Inspired by their love for the sun and a burning desire to develop new designs, bringing the latest trends of the runway with a Brazilian flavor.

Concerned with different bodies and made for bold, modern women, that want to be beautiful and in on what is hot, as much as they want to be comfortable.

Every year our brand launches around 200 new models, making seasonal release and some few capsule-collections. Offering a complete selection of beachwear products. 

Our creations marries a functional design to International trends, keeping it comfortable, with beautiful prints, lots of colors and models you’ve never seen before, innovating every time we put a collection out.

In our five-year journey, we always focused on a strong and exclusive digital presence and on social networks. Following our tenet that “Our existence is and will always be digital” – explains commercial director Fernanda Machado. 

Essentially as an e-commerce, the brand is innovating with unusual strategies for the development of content and initiatives with media personalities and social media influencers.

As a part of our expansion plan, we launched in 2020 our International internet address, to better serve our worldwide clientele.

With a selection of the best fabrics, exclusive prints and unique gear, our motto is “to sell what we would like to wear“.

Everything made with much love and care, minding every detail. From us to you, enjoy it!


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*Caiçara is the Brazilian Portuguese word for people who are born in coastal cities.